About Us

Cleanup Bahrain is a volunteer group of Bahraini youths that aims to clean beaches around the kingdom. However recently it turned into an officially registered nongovernment organization in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Cleanup Bahrain aims to make people the society more environmentally conscious, by reflecting that on their daily habits.

Monthly Events

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A Clean Country is Our Responsibility

Our Latest Project

A clean beach is a reality if we all work together to clean it up.


We a long time we believed that Bahrain cannot and will not have a clean beach. However, together we can change that if we work together to make beaches of Bahrain clean ones. Some asked why. The answer to this question is WHY NOT. Moreover, these beaches blogs to ALL of US, thus we have to take a good care of them.

Our Staff

  • Ebrahim Rashid

  • Salman Farooq

  • Ruqaya Hashim

    An optimistic Bahraini that loves to see the world through her lens, is passionate about humanitarian causes and helping others.

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How You Can Help?

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Our Mission

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